Ear Oil Therapy (Karana Purana)
Introducing Ear Oil Therapy (Karana Purana)
According to Ayurveda, regular use of Ear oil has immense benefits, especially during these troubled times.
Few things we recommend to stay healthy and protect yourself and your loved ones.
apply 6-7 drops in the exposed Ear, leave for a few minutes then the other ear.
Let the excess oil  drain out on a paper towel.
Use this routine once a week.
For daily routine, place 2 drops in each Ear, preferably before going to bed.
Benefits:Reduces many Vata Imbalances, Tinnitus or ringing in the ears.
2 Earaches
3 Reduces nervousness and promotes good sleep
4 Reduces stiff neck and Jaw muscles.
5 Prevents Ear infection and thus reduces Vertigo symptoms.
Ingredients including *Tulsi, garlic, *cloves, Jatamansi, *Sesame and olive oils.
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Ear Oil - 1 oz

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