Grassfed Licorice Ghee -Organic Ingredients 9oz glass jar

Grassfed Licorice Ghee -Organic Ingredients. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabara)  is a sweet nourishing herb. Also called Yashti Madhu, is a tonic, promotes lung function, and therfore breathing .9 oz Glass Jar  ** Caution for pregnant or nursing women, see disclaimer.

gredients: organic ghee -made from organic butter, organic licorice.

Ingredients: organic ghee -made from organic licorice and butter made from organic grassfed cows

  • Item #: g48g-9
  • Manufacturer: A. Muzda Enterprises

Licorice Ghee -Organic Ingredients Made from Grassfed Cows-9oz

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