Rosewater Toner - Hydrosol - 4oz  - Spritzer Bottle

We call it Rose Hydrosol, extracted during the actual distillation of Bulgarian Roses(Rosa Damascena) Essential oil floats to the top of the distillate and skimmed off. The water thus left is the Rose Hydrosol, With all the beneficial nourishing properties of the roses. You can smell the roses! Rose water generally sold is distilled water to which some essential oil may have been added. Rose hydrosol nourishes the delicate facial skin, restores beauty and radiance. Use as a spray to clean the pores, wash off makeup, or just to stay cool in the summer heat. Bottle with Spritzer

  • Item #: RW03HBP01
  • Manufacturer: A. Muzda Enterprises

Rosewater Toner - Hydrosol - 4oz - Spritzer Bottle

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